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Image by Mikayla Mallek

Our mission is to give amazing hair and teach you how to care and love it along the way. At THC we are all about cruelty free and nontoxic products & specialize in hair color including balayage and color correction. We also cant contain ourselves from laughing out loud and enjoying everyday we are blessed behind the chair! Check out what all the Buzz is about, we love new guests!

Suzy and I met 8 years ago working in a corporate salon and quickly grew inseparable when we discovered we had the same passion for hair, life and success.  We have grown in our professional careers together with continued education and proudly stand "Redken Certified Colorists." We knew that the universe brought us together for something big and here we are. Today we stand here for you with a growing team, to guide you to see your beauty on the outside and rediscover the beauty that comes from the inside. Welcome to our journey! - Jeanette

Our vision is to help create a better world for everyone one haircut, hair color or hairstyle at a time.  We want to help you regain the confidence to help you get through another day, another week or another year. We hope you leave our chair feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

Our Vision

Our Story

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